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Power, Utilities & Renewables

As the key to modern society, the power, utilities, and renewables sector is driving the energy transition not only through technology innovation, but also through policy vision and new business models. Our practitioners’ goal is to help not only power, utilities, and renewables companies, but many sectors, transform their business models, develop, and scale their solutions to bring electrification and low-carbon technologies to everyday life.

Adding the human element

Our practitioners deeply understand the role that power, utilities, and renewables needs to play in other sectors to accelerate the world toward a low-carbon future. 

Through an integrated approach, we can help connect the use of technology with the human element to transform organizations, adapt to changing regulations, create an extended ecosystem to help drive adoption of sustainable solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Explore the Energy, Resources & Industrials industry

Mining & Metals

Deloitte’s global Mining & Metals practitioners apply their depth and breadth of experience from working across geographies with leading Mining & Metals companies and collaborating with ecosystems to stay ahead of industry trends and develop insightful forward focused thought leadership and perspectives. 

Energy & Chemicals

Our network of practitioners helps Energy & Chemicals companies navigate complexity, accelerate the pace of innovation, and supply the energy the world needs in a lower-carbon way.    

Industrial Products & Construction

By shaping raw materials into semi-finished goods, and delivering key services, the Industrial Products & Construction industry is an important part of the global value chain, and vital to enabling a sustainable future.